As part of our mission to build better markets for the future, GTS adheres to 3 core principles.


At GTS, our advanced algorithms and high performance computing infrastructure help us provide liquidity in all the markets we trade. This reduces transaction costs for all investors which is why GTS is proud to be one of the industry innovators contributing to the evolution of the modern market.    

Indeed, innovation is at the core of everything GTS brings to today’s financial markets. In addition to a bench of seasoned traders, our employee base spans PhDs, engineers, and more than a few real-life rocket scientists. These brilliant minds are driven by their mission to produce extraordinary technologies that help make our financial markets the best in the world.

Looking ahead, we believe the next critical innovation will transcend hardware and software—it will be a renewed spirit of industry collaboration with regulators, combined with a fresh emphasis on communication with investors. 


The trading industry has a critical responsibility: to build and sustain investor confidence in every market we touch.  To that end, GTS supports—and we encourage our industry peers and partners to support—regulatory action that makes our markets stronger and more secure. 


In the face of heated competition, industry consolidation, and an evolving regulatory environment, GTS has proudly assumed a leadership role in making markets better, stronger, and safer.  We are firmly committed to engaging with peers, policymakers, and the public at large about how the HFT industry can and should continue to put investors first.  Recently, GTS’s CEO, Ari Rubenstein, has offered public commentary on important regulatory issues facing the electronic trading community:

In 2014, to encourage improved dialogue with regulators and the HFT industry, GTS co-founded the Modern Market Initiative (MMI). MMI is an industry group focused on demonstrating the benefits of algorithmic and quantitative trading in today’s modern markets. GTS’s participation in MMI increases our collaboration with industry peers and regulators regarding pragmatic, investor-first oversight of our markets.