GTS is, at its heart, a technology company. Our ability to aggregate, analyze, and disseminate data enables us to make more efficient markets at highly reduced costs.

As a market maker in thousands of cash equities and exchange-traded fund securities, GTS consistently invests in and leverages proprietary technology to achieve highly competitive prices for the instruments we trade.

Our trading extends to commodities, futures, foreign exchange, U.S. Treasuries, and rates products. We also serve as a market maker on a variety of exchanges in North America and Western Europe. In the U.S. we trade as principal via GTS Securities, LLC, a FINRA member broker-dealer. We only trade as principal and only trade securities with other registered broker-dealers.


Grounded in disruptive innovation and pure market acumen, GTS is able to see around corners to develop reliable, responsible trading solutions.

Because GTS reinvests a large portion of its revenues into cutting-edge technologies and elite personnel, our development teams have access to experimental tools—from custom hardware to algorithm design techniques—ordinarily found only in academic or advanced government test labs.  We also maintain active research relationships with leading computer science and engineering partners to promote and develop our cutting-edge technology. In fact, many of our employees previously worked in military or government research labs.