The GTS Mission

GTS was founded in 2006 on a visceral love of technology and a deep desire to build better markets for everyone. To this day, we remain dedicated to innovating the most advanced technology in the financial industry to create fair, efficient, and transparent global markets for today and tomorrow.



We don’t just hire the industry’s brightest minds. We give them the freedom to pursue bold ideas and seize opportunities others won’t. Guided by a strong will to win, our leadership shows through our relentless focus on finding a better way — for the markets, investors, and each other.


At GTS, innovation comes from our insatiable curiosity and ability to move quickly. From never being satisfied with good enough. We’re always on the hunt for the breakthrough strategy or game-changing technology that moves the markets forward, while constantly looking ahead to what’s next.


We believe financial markets need high-tech competitors who are in it for the long haul, who care about the markets and investors long-term. We trust our teams to deliver reliable execution and transparent solutions with the courage and commitment to do things the right way, no matter what.

In Pursuit of Positive Impact

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Build the Future With Us

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