GTS NYSE DMM at a glance

GTS is the New York Stock Exchange designated market maker (“DMM”) responsible for the largest group of companies in the world. We are proud to serve many of the world’s leading businesses.

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GTS DMM at a glance:

  • Our DMM team averages 22 years of experience
  • Our team managed the largest IPO in global history – Alibaba
  • Our team was selected by Snap corporation to be its DMM – the largest tech IPO of 2017

“GTS provides multiple open channels of communication on our company’s stock movement as well as the overall conditions driving the market.”

Minerals Technologies (MTX)

Rick Honey, Investor Relations of Minerals Technologies (MTX)

“As an IRO I have found the team at GTS to be a great resource to help my team and our management understand what is happening in the market and the trading of our shares. The GTS team is very proactive, providing market insight before the opening of the day and after the market closes as well. John, James and Ned are all very knowledgeable, professional, accessible and helpful.”

SAIC, Inc.

Paul Levi, Director of Investor Relations of SAIC (SAIC)

“Thanks so much for educating us, entertaining us, and tolerating our GDDY buzz all around your trading post today. We were all dazzled by the entire NYSE, the magic of capitalism in action and the trading language you all speak so fluently. Much more importantly, thanks for your careful stewardship of our stock’s introduction to the public market. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to visiting you on the floor again in the future.”


Marta Nichols, Investor Relations of GoDaddy

“I really appreciate the diligence with which the GTS team keeps me informed. Their insightful commentary on trading activity in the market and in our stock in particular gives me great perspective. Their response time when I have a question is fantastic and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Toll Brothers

Marty Connor, Chief Financial Officer of Toll Brothers (TOL)

“When we were first considering an Initial Public Offering, it was clear that we wanted to list with the New York Stock Exchange for a multitude of reasons, but chief among them is the live person who is managing the really tough trades and pricing. In an age of electronic trades that equate to fractions of a cent, it is very comforting that Ned and the GTS team are standing watch to insure that the integrity of the open market pricing are intact. I have now worked with this team for three years and I can attest to their commitment to their customers and craft. I would highly recommend GTS and the NYSE.”

UCP Inc.

Dustin Bogue, Chief Executive Officer of UCP, Inc.

“The GTS team is incredibly responsive to any questions or concerns that we might have. As everyone knows, trying to understand the market is impossible, but their proactive communication is extremely valuable in making us aware of what the day might bring.”

Apple Hospitality REIT

Bryan Peery, VP, Investor Relations of Apple Hospitality REIT

“A big part of the reason we listed on the NYSE was the structure with DMM’s. We selected GTS because of their seasoned professionals and technology platform. They are great at keeping us informed about our stock and are very responsive to questions.”

Turning Point Brands

Mark Stegeman, Chief Financial Officer of Turning Point Brands

“GTS is proving to be a perfect partner. As for our first day of trading, GTS team knew how to come along with us relying on their state of the art platform, fluent coordination with underwriters — even prior to the opening — and strong technical (and emotional!) support with ourselves in our debut at the floor of NYSE. The information they report, and the communication we keep, every single day, is completely useful and let us track perfectly well our stock.”

Grupo Supervielle (SUPV)

Alejandra Naughton, Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Supervielle (SUPV)


Head of NYSE Market Making and Listing Services

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