Client Offerings

GTS offers the most client-centric approach of any trading firm, led by industry veterans with unparalleled market expertise across a broad range of asset classes.

Relationship builders and problem solvers, our team responds like no other to provide best execution and precision-tailored solutions that enable our clients and counterparties to achieve their most important trading goals.


As one of the largest designated market makers (DMM) at the New York Stock Exchange, GTS Securities is proud to serve many of the world’s leading businesses, including many U.S. and international blue chip corporations.

With industry-leading technology and extensive floor trading expertise, our DMM business forms the backbone for efficient capital formation to drive the growth of listed companies. Our portfolio encompasses 1,116 stock issues with a market capitalization of $14 trillion, equal to 32% of NYSE market share.

Our DMM team averages 26 years of experience and has handled more than 250 IPO listings since 2013 — including the IPO for Alibaba, the largest IPO in global history.


GTS Securities offers execution and liquidity in all asset classes of ETFs listed in the U.S., leveraging the best of our technology and expertise to deliver the outcomes our clients want to achieve.

Our legacy in ETFs reaches nearly back to the inception of the ETF industry in America, with many of our team members having over 25 years of trading and market experience. We put our clients at the center of our approach and operations, helping institutions develop innovative trading solutions through the responsible, efficient deployment of capital and technology.

As the number and complexity of ETFs has grown over the years, GTS Securities has continually evolved our systems and models to bring better price discovery, trade execution and transparency to the markets.


GTS Securities Wholesale Market Making (WMM) is a global leader in providing liquidity to markets across financial instruments and throughout the world. We combine expert execution, deep liquidity, and a partnership mindset to deliver best-in-class client service.

Our flexible, innovative model pairs elite trade execution technology with a deep human understanding of the markets, creating effective and holistic solutions for our clients. We cover the full breadth of domestic and international exchange-listed and OTC securities, delivering customized liquidity solutions and competitive pricing across all asset classes.

Leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, sophisticated pricing models and agile infrastructure, our team can handle the most complex execution strategies with minimal market impact. This dynamic flexibility allows clients to achieve best execution, no matter the order type or goals.



As a proprietary market maker, the Automated Volatility Trading (AVT) group within GTS Securities provides liquidity in index, ETF, future, and single stock options across all exchanges in the United States.

Using cutting-edge technology and automated trading models developed over nearly 20 years, the AVT group is a leading liquidity provider in the U.S.-listed options market. Our diverse team of developers, quantitative researchers, and traders leverages a highly innovative and collaborative approach, utilizing the latest statistical methods and machine learning to create superior liquidity solutions. This group operates out of offices in both the U.S. and Europe.

GTS Execution Services

A full-service agency execution broker, GTS Execution Services (GTEX) is an affiliate of GTS Securities, LLC, a leading electronic market maker across global financial instruments and one of the largest designated market makers on the New York Stock Exchange.

GTEX provides a full-service upstairs execution platform for the institutional trading community and serves the broker-dealer community with a team of floor brokers centrally located on the floor of the NYSE. Our offering pairs low-touch electronic execution paths with high-touch human judgment to deliver superior execution quality for our clients.

Fixed Income & FX

GTS Securities has a diversified portfolio of actively traded fixed income products, including corporate bonds, US Treasuries, and fixed income ETFs. Our active fixed income single-dealer platform trades US Treasuries with other broker-dealer customers while executing strategies on multiple electronic fixed income platforms.

Our futures trading team focuses on exchange platforms in multiple asset classes and security types. Our strategies have also evolved to trade in highly active products, with mid-levels and overnights using our proprietary strategies. These strategies leverage firm-developed technology that can quickly adapt to new opportunities.

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