Our Edge

Most top-level trading firms have cutting-edge technology and smart people. Many leading market makers boast deep liquidity. Frankly, we all talk about solving the complex puzzles that comprise the market’s biggest challenges.

What sets GTS apart?

It’s our people.

GTS not only brings together the industry’s brightest, most forward-thinking minds; our team shares a genuine enthusiasm for being an essential market player. We live and breathe finance and technology, and we’ll never stop building for the future.

Relentless Innovation

GTS thrives at the intersection of technology and finance, where innovation fuels prosperity and growth.

Our team is constantly exploring novel solutions to enhance market efficiency, driven by a strong appetite for smart risks and genuine enthusiasm as an essential market player.

Lighthouse Technology

Our proprietary technology, backed by broad industry experience, has proven itself in the most extreme and unpredictable market conditions.

We use next-generation artificial intelligence and advanced pricing models to develop sophisticated trading solutions that transfer risk at the most efficient price.

Client Commitment

We’re proud to have the most client-centric team of any trading firm, led by industry veterans with the vision to pursue opportunities that others won’t.

Our traders have a reputation as true strategic partners who carefully tailor solutions to meet every client’s unique execution goals.

Come Work With Us

Our team members come from all walks of life, but we have a few things in common: intellectual curiosity, a desire to make a real impact, and a bit of a competitive streak.

What gives us our edge is equal parts technological expertise and first-hand trading knowledge. What unites us is a constant desire to make things better for the markets, investors, and each other.

Ready to join the most unconventional team in the industry? We’d love to hear from you.

If you prefer, you can submit your resume for general consideration.